Service Description

Updated 1. September 2016


1. General

fileee is a cloud-based document management system, on which customers can upload, organize and manage their documents. Analog documents can be scanned and uploaded with a mobile device. Important information from the documents are automatically recognized via text analysis. fileee provides a Web Application, an Android App, as well as an iOS App for its usage. The use of fileee’s basic functions is free of charge. For additional services and increased data storage fileee offers two paid subscription options, which are described below.

2. Services

2.1 Basic Free Services
When registering, the user can specify an email address and a personal password for the account. By registering with fileee, the user is automatically assigned a free fileee subscription, which provides basic services of fileee. If needed, the user can subscribe to a paid subscription, which allows him to have additional services, features, and extended storage space. After the initial registration, the user can login with the given credentials and use the service on all available platforms. The service availability as well as the usage restrictions can be found in the Terms of Service of fileee GmbH.

2.1.1 Importing documents into fileee
The user has different ways to upload digital documents into fileee. In addition, email mailboxes and cloud storage services can be linked to fileee, in order to automatically import new documents into fileee. Single-page as well as multi-page documents can be imported simultaneously. Documents in form of paper can be scanned, digitized and subsequently uploaded by the fileee app, with Android or iOS mobile devices. Documents that are uploaded by the user are stored in a german data center commissioned by fileee and can be accessed and processed from all platforms provided by fileee. Documents that are imported to fileee can be deleted by the user at any time. fileee will never delete the user’s documents.

2.1.2 Text Recognition and Text Analysis
After uploading a document, fileee performs a text recognition process (OCR = Optical Character Recognition) to extract the entire text of the document. The OCR works for documents in German and English language. The Text Analysis is based on algorithms developed by fileee, which automatically recognize information of a document. The Text Analysis works for documents in German. Incorrect or incomplete information may be changed or added by the user. The Text Analysis and the provision of information recognized by fileee makes the job easier for the user, but it does not replace the control of information by the user. Therefore, fileee is not responsible for the accuracy of the detected information.

fileee is essentially able to recognize the sender, document type, and date of a document. Moreover, fileee can recognize attributes based on the detected document type, such as invoices or customer number and automatically assign it to matching tags. The speed of the Text Analysis depends on the size of the document and the general utilization of the servers. Therefore, fileee is not responsible for the speed of the Text Analysis. The OCR reading and Text Analysis is not working with password-protected or encrypted documents.

2.1.3 Search Function
fileee offers a comprehensive search function to retrieve documents. In addition to a full-text search to find documents using any keyword, the search can be filtered by various criteria such as time, document type, date and / or company.

2.1.4 Document Management
The automatically detected information and/or the information added by the user, including: document title, sender, document type, tags, date, notes, reminders are displayed in the document-view. In addition, depending on the document type, certain attributes can be added (for example, invoice amount in document type invoice). fileee also offers the user the possibility to file his documents in a structured way. The user can file his documents with one or more tags in order to create an individual and dynamic document filing structure.

2.1.5 Linking email Accounts and Cloud Storage Locations
In account settings, the user has the option to connect his fileee account with his email accounts and various cloud services. When connected, all documents that are in the email account or in the cloud storage are automatically imported into fileee. A list of the currently available services can be found here.

2.1.6 fileee e-mail Address
The user receives an individual fileee email address, which can be found in the settings. With this email address, the user can send emails with document attachments. The attached documents are then automatically imported into fileee. The user has the option to request a new fileee email address in the settings menu.

2.1.7 Sharing Documents
All documents uploaded in fileee are essentially only visible for the user. If the user wants to share his document he can make it available and visible for others. Documents can be directly shared as an email via sharing link. The receiver of the shared document is not required to have a fileee account. The sharing link can be disabled by the user at any time.

2.1.8 Address Book and Company View
In most cases, fileee automatically detects the sender and receiver of a document. If the sender or receiver is not or incorrectly detected by fileee, this can be changed or added by the user. All contacts that have been recognized by fileee or manually assigned to a document by the user are listed in the address book. In this view, the user can access all his contacts and the related documents. In addition, notes can be added to each contact and contact details of companies can be viewed.

2.1.9 Encryption
fileee uses a hybrid encryption, a combination of symmetric and asymmetric encryption, so that only the user has access to the documents. The fileee GmbH cannot access the documents of the user. Further information about our encryption can be found here.

2.1.10 Storage and Upload Capacity
The free fileee subscription allows the user to upload up to 15 documents per month. A document can contain several pages, but it must meet the requirements mentioned in item 6, regarding file type and file size. Documents that are not used will expire after the active month. Moreover, after the first login the user will get additional start-documents to store the existing stock of documents in fileee. In addition to the upload of 15 documents per month, the user has the possibility to upload 1000 documents for free in the first three months, in order to digitize its portfolio documents and import it into fileee. The quota of start-documents expires 3 months after the registration. The upload capacity may be increased on demand, by the conclusion of a monthly or yearly paid subscription, which are described on item 2.3. By using the Analysis Improvement, the user can benefit from additional storage in the form of bonus documents. Further information can be found on item 2.1.12.

2.1.11 Export of Documents and Backups
The user always has the option to download one or more documents as PDF and save it locally. Furthermore, the user can also download all his document files as an archive. fileee recommends to perform regular local backups.

2.1.12 Analysis Improvement and Bonus Documents
The user can help fileee improve its text analysis by providing personal documents. For this purpose, fileee issues the user a confirmation request on whether he will provide fileee his personal documents, on which only certain information would be recognized. If the user agrees, he grants fileee the right to access, read and permanently save this individual document. The user may refuse this request and state that he does not want to receive this type of inquiry from fileee. For each shared document, the user receives from fileee a bonus document so that the upload capacity of the user increases by another document. Unlike the monthly documents, bonus documents do not expire and can be used over the entire useful life of the account. Further information about the Analysis Improvement and Bonus Documents can be found here.

2.2 Management of fileee Accounts
In the profile settings, the user has always the option to change his email address for registration, password or contact information. Likewise, the user can delete his fileee account at any time in the profile settings. When deleting an account, all linked documents and data are permanently deleted.

2.3 Paid Subscriptions with Additional Services and Increased Data Storage
The paid subscriptions “Premium” and “Professional” complement the “Free” range of functions of fileee, and increase the upload capacity. When changing to a higher or lower tariff for the first time, the user receives the additional start documents that are published for the new tariff, which he can redeem within the first 3 months after the tariff change. Start documents are credited to the user only at the first purchase of a tariff. The monthly available documents expire after the end of the active month.

Example: A premium user changes to the Professional tariff 2 months after the first purchase of the premium tariff. The starting documents of the premium tariff, which have not yet been used, are still valid for another month. In return, the user receives the additional 4000 start-up documents for the professional tariff, which can be redeemed for the first 3 months after the first change to the Professional tariff. If the user reverts to the premium tariff, no further start documents are made available, since start documents are provided only at the first purchase of a tariff.

2.3.1 Premium
The Premium subscription allows the users to upload up to 200 documents per month and additionally a starting upload of 2000 documents. The quota of start-documents expires after 3 months of the initial purchase.

In addition to the increased data storage and other benefits mentioned, the Premium subscription includes all Free features listed above. Moreover, the Premium subscription includes the following benefits:

  • PDF Full-Text download: – documents can be downloaded with full-text and are entirely searchable.
  • Priority Analysis: the text analysis processing is prioritized and faster than the Free subscription.
  • Priority Import from Linked Services: The import of documents from linked Cloud or email accounts is prioritized and faster than the Free subscription.


2.3.2 Professional
The professional subscription allows the users to upload up to 2000 documents per month and additionally a starting upload of 4000 documents. The quota of start-documents expires after 3 months of the initial purchase. The monthly available documents expire after the active month. In addition to the increased data storage, the professional subscription includes all Free and Premium features listed above.

3. Business Use and Business Accounts

The pure business use of fileee is permitted only with the paid subscriptions “Premium” and “Professional”. Business customers should conclude a paid subscription after registering with fileee and before business use.

4. fileeeBox

The fileeeBox is a physical product that can be additionally purchased, and it represents an extension of fileee’s services. Documents on paper form can be scanned with fileee and placed in the fileeeBox. fileee stores the position of each scanned document in the box and informs it to the user on demand. An optional scan-stand facilitates scanning with a mobile device. To this end, a mobile device can be placed on the top of the stand in order to scan a document. LED tubes placed inside the gadget provide illumination to the document being scanned. The Box can be linked to existing fileee accounts and subsequently used. A list with the currently compatible devices is provided in the Support Forum. Further information about this product can be found here. The General Terms and Conditions for the use of the fileeeBox can be found here.

5. Scan Service

The Scan Service is an extension of the fileee services. A fileee account is required to use the Scan Service. When contracting this service, the user must specify the amount of documents to be processed. The user is informed ahead of time about any additional costs incurred – this means that the user still has the option to terminate the service at this point of time. The users send their documents to a scanning partner of fileee GmbH, that scans the documents professionally. The digital copies are automatically stored in the user’s fileee account. The user can specify if he wants the original documents to be sent back or destroyed. Further information about this service can be found here. The General Terms and Conditions for the use of the Scan Service can be found here.

6. Supported Formats and File Sizes

The file formats that can be processed by fileee are:

  • PDF
  • JPEG
  • PNG

For documents with a font size of 10 or higher, a minimum resolution of 300 dpi is required, and for documents with a font size of 9 or lower, a minimum resolution of 400 dpi is required.

Files that are larger than 25 MB can not be processed by fileee. For documents that contain more than 50 pages, fileee displays and analyses only the first 50 pages. The original document will be entirely saved in fileee and can be downloaded when necessary.

7. System Requirements

All user data and documents are stored in a data center of a German provider commissioned by fileee. The transfer of access data to fileee during the system startup is a prerequisite for the use of fileee on all available platforms provided. The provision and transfer of the required internet access, the internet connection and the necessary technical equipment such as computers, browsers, as well as mobile devices are not covered by this contract. While using the web application or the mobile applications the access to the data is completely encrypted.

7.1 Web Application
The Web Application is compatible with most browsers. A list of the compatible browsers can be found in our Support Forum

fileee can ensure its full functionality only when using these browsers.
To use all the functionalities, Java Script and Cookies must be enabled.

7.2 Mobile Devices
In addition to the Web Application, fileee also provides Android and iOS applications for mobile devices. The mobile applications provide – if technically possible – the entire scope of the fileee system described above, and enable a mobile connection within the system. Moreover, the camera of a mobile device (if technically available) can be used to scan and save documents in the fileee system. The necessary system requirements and compatibilities can be found in our Supportforum.

8. Support

fileee provides to the user a Support Forum in English and German language, on which detailed instructions, hints, FAQs and tips about fileee can be found. Furthermore, the user can contact for questions and problems.


, 1. September 2016