fileeeBox Pre-Order Campaign


fileeebox Pre-Order Kampagne

Pre-order the fileeeBox starting March 3rd

The time has finally come. After many months of often sobering negotiations with manufacturers, we have finally found a way to bring the fileeeBox to market. To be able to offer you the fileeeBox as quickly as possible and help you to further simplify your paperwork, we have decided to finance the first production series through a pre-order campaign. For 6 weeks, you’ll have the chance to pre-order the fileeeBox in different variations. Our goal is to reach 2000 pre-ordered sets, consisting of fileeeBox and scan stand. If the campaign isn’t successful, you will get your money back immediately after the end of the campaign.

Why did we choose this route? – The fileeeBox is a new product, with nothing comparable on the market. We did get a lot of positive feedback and were able to win a lot of interested people for our newsletter – however, we still can’t predict how the market will accept the fileeeBox. Additionally, the production costs per box won’t sink until a large number of orders is reached. There’s a large risk that we end up stuck with thousands of unsold boxes. As a startup, we can’t take that kind of risk and finance a six-figure sum for the production of a large quantity of boxes in advance.

Since we ourselves feel confident about the fileeeBox and your demand hasn’t ceased (thank you very, very much for that), we looked for alternatives that would allow us to produce the fileeBoxes risk-free and at a reasonable price. Very important: your pre-orders decide whether or not the fileeeBox will be produced. Collecting pre-orders is the only way for us to bring the fileeBox to market. Whoever wants the product shouldn’t hesitate and should support us by buying a fileeBox 🙂

The most important points summarized


Despite the small order of 2000 boxes, we were able to negotiate a relatively attractive price with the manufacturer. To be able to offer you the fileeeBox at a low price, we have additionally decided to complete all commissioning and tooling tasks ourselves. If the campaign is successful, our team, from intern to developer, will put in some extra shifts to complete the last production steps and prepare your boxes for shipping. We are able to offer the following prices for the pre-order campaign:

  • 44,95€ for the complete set (fileeeBox + scan stand)
  • 19,95€ for the box
  • 29,95€ for the scan stand

We want to finally bring the fileeeBox to market with this first production series. The prices leave us with only a minimal profit, which serve as a safety net.

If you haven’t already pre-registered for a fileeeBox at box.fileee.com, you should do so quickly. All newsletter recipients will receive a 10% discount code for the complete set. These codes are only valid for the first 500 orders, so be sure to order quickly!

Delivery times

If the campaign is successful and we manage to gather 2000 pre-orders in 6 weeks, we will order from the manufacturer. The production itself takes around 3 weeks and the electronics have a delivery time of approximately 6 weeks. We’ve given ourselves around 2 weeks to complete the commissioning and tooling tasks. We expect we’ll be able to ship the first boxes starting in June.

In which countries will the box be available?

During the pre-order campaign, delivery is limited to the following countries: Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium. However, we will do our best to find a solution for interested customers from other countries. In this case, contact us at support@fileee.com. You can find more detailed information on the pre-order campaign in our fileeeBox FAQs.