Tools for your daily work



Your daily working routine is often complicated by communication and organization issues. If you work in a big company, things can get mixed up very quickly. Nowadays, plenty of helpful web-based tools exist that can help you to organize your work and even increase your productivity. Today, we present you the top four tools we use daily at fileee!


Evernote is a digital notebook you can use to gather everything from short keywords to huge research projects. Additionally, you can cut out articles from the internet, take photos or add notes. These notes are permanently synchronized in a cloud. This allows you to access them from any device. As you can do with fileee, Evernote allows you to tag your notes in order to retrieve them and add reminders afterwards. If you prefer a classic system, you can also save your notes in separate notebooks.

Your notes can be shared via link or be directly presented in Evernote!



Another useful tool from the developers of Evernote is Skitch. Skitch is an easy tool for editing images for visual communication. You only have to take a screenshot of your desktop and import the picture by drag and drop. Afterwards, Skitch offers you a range features to mark or comment the picture. When you are done, you can save the picture in Evernote or share it using a link.



The communication in a bigger team can be a real challenge. Some people use Skype, some use SMS and others can only be contacted via e-mail. And how do you share pictures, documents and other data with your team members? That’s what Slack is for!
Slack can be compared with a chatroom for your office, where you can contact your colleagues via private message or in separate channels for departments or projects. This tool supports all kinds of data and provides a preview in the chat. If you should later need a data file or message, you can easily search for them!

What makes Slack unique is its ability to connect with a lot of other services! For example, your Twitter messages can directly be sent to a Slack channel. fileee uses Slack to immediately get informed about app crashes, which makes a quick reaction possible.



Trello is a tool for managing different projects and tasks, helping you to keep an eye on things. With Trello, you will never lose sight of your tasks. Gather your ideas and tasks in Trello and add people, checklists, due dates, comments or pictures. Different projects can be separated in different boards so that you and your colleagues can work on them. Since all tasks are organized in one system and can easily be checked and updated, you avoid annoying repetitive questions.

If you want to additionally increase your productivity, you should create lists in Trello where you can organize your tasks chronologically. This way you always know what to do next and what needs to be done by the end of the week. You should also create a list named “done”, where you can move your completed tasks and thus motivate yourself. The list can then be archived every one to two weeks.


What tools do you use to simplify your daily work? Maybe you know even better ones? If you have any feedback, ideas or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us!