Our new data center



fileee recently moved to a new data center. This marks a very important change and improvement for our company. We take all aspects of our business seriously, paying particular attention to security, data protection and reliability. We’d like you to know more about what we have done:

Data protection

Our new servers are located at the data center PlusServer in Strasbourg, though the location does not dictate the data protection laws that we must observe. We are not subject to French law:

“Additionally, a data center abroad is not committed to current law in the specific country. The company’s headquarter is the relevant factor. Following to § 1 paragraph 5 FDPA, in this case the domicile principle in the European Economic Area (EEA) is valid. This states that the domicile, rather than the location of data processing, is decisive.”

“[…] If a German position transmits to another position (within EEA), the transmission is committed to German data protection law. Within the EEA it is possible to conclude a so called order data processing after § 11 FDPA. If this is the case, the position who concluded the order data processing, then belongs to the responsible position and there factually did not exist a transmission (§ 3 VIII FDPA).”

So rest assured with our PlusServer data center in Strasbourg. Our servers, your documents and your data are still protected by strict German data protection laws.


In addition to German data protection laws, we continue to further improve our security standards for your data.
The server infrastructure and protection measures of PlusServer allow fileee to protect our network of servers even better against external attacks. Additionally, our data center is certified by the technical supervision agency and was positively reviewed by the data center Star Audit.

More computing power

The new data center offers fileee the ability to easily increase server capacity and the general computing power. fileee will run a lot faster and be more stable in the future, and we can easily add capacity as our fileee user community continues to grow.

Green data center

The Strasbourg data center was our top choice because of its environmental awareness and energy efficiency. PlusServer in Strasbourg uses 66% less energy for cooling and is eco-powered, utilizing clean hydropower.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!