A new landmark for fileee!



fileee is finally live!

  • fileee accurately operates on all relevant platforms and officially leaves its beta-status
  • Nevertheless, the development is not complete – we are permanently working on fileee to improve its usability
  • We moved our servers to a new data center
  • We changed our General Terms and Conditions and our privacy policy in your favor
  • With our new encryption, we will markedly increase the safety of your documents and data
  • Give feedback and tell us if there are any problems with fileee – because fileee has been made for you!

By this time, fileee runs so stably that we decided to take the next step: going live!

What does this mean for you? First of all, fileee officially leaves its beta-status. Moreover, we hereby undertake stricter General Terms and Conditions. If you should use fileee as a charged service in any way, you are now entitled to specific contractual services!

We are very grateful for your previous trust in fileee! You and fileee’s other users enabled us to develop and achieve this much!

Where fileee is today:

Recently, fileee celebrated its fourth birthday! Since 2012, we have been in the so called “open beta-phase”. During this time, a lot of user feedback reached us. Any feedback – no matter if positive or negative – helped our developers to improve our service and our app. Also, our option for feature requests has been used frequently. Thus you can help shape fileee, following your own imagination.

In the last 12 months, fileee has vastly improved: optically our app changed completely, while we implemented the core functions in our Android app and fixed several bugs. Additionally, we released our iPad version. Numerous things happened in the background, enabling us to remove a lot of problems in our mobile apps and web app. Finally, we presented our new product: the fileeeBox. There is an enormous demand for our box. That’s why we quickly handled the final tests to be able to start selling the boxes soon.

It is important to say that fileee is no finished product after going live. In general, no software ever is. Nevertheless, we know in which areas fileee can be improved. We especially have to put a lot of work into our Android app and our analysis. However, fileee already has a lot to offer to its users!

What you can count on:

fileee accurately operates on all relevant platforms and we can easily say that the amount of errors has declined in the last few months. Previously, we have been informed if fileee has crashed on your device. In this way, we received a lot of important information which helped our developers to erase the problem. If you should not want your data to be shared this way, you can inform yourself in our support forum about how to stop the automatic error report.

Our current service will still be provided free of charge. It is important to us that you can use fileee’s free version in a useful way and with a realistic storage limit. We don’t want to force you to use our premium version! There will be more information about our premium version soon.

Safety is as important to us as it is to you!

You have high safety demands, which we want to satisfy! That’s why we created a new encryption that will protect your data and documents even better.

Additionally, our servers are also committed to very high security standards. If you want to inform yourself about what we are doing for the safety of your data and documents, you can look it up in our safety – and data protection principles.

We are not done yet!

We know that our Android version is not as far developed as our iOS app. We plan to change this in the next six months.

And what about our analysis? Does fileee automatically recognize all documents and receipts? – No, it doesn’t. Nevertheless, we have a decent basis for the analysis, and there are a lot of documents the analysis works on. Additionally, we are always working on our analysis and expect to improve it in the coming months and years.

Our goal is to provide the best service available on the market. There are a lot of services that support you in managing your digital documents and data: Dropbox, Scanbot or Evernote. These apps have a different focus. fileee takes things a step further in providing a service that is supposed to ease your daily paperwork in an uncommon way. We want to establish a completely new kind of document administration. We want to revolutionize your paperwork!

What is coming?

By the end of the year, we want to generate an efficient base on all platforms. Android, iOS and our web app will all be on the same level.
With the help of our fileeeBox, you can archive your original documents very quickly. Moreover, you will rapidly find your original documents in the box, because they are directly linked to the digital scans in the app. You can still pre-register for the first batch of boxes. Your fileeeBox will then find its way to you by the end of September.

We are already preparing fileee’s premium version for our power users. You deal with a huge amount of documents daily? Then we will offer you unlimited upload volume and a very fast analysis. fileee wants to provide you the advantage of directly signing your documents digitally, to pay your bills or to write letters within the app.

Did we forget a feature that could help you deal with your paperwork? Don’t hesitate to post a suggestion in our option for feature requests.

Give feedback!

fileee has been developed for you! If you have any questions, if any problems occur or if you wish for some more features, you can always contact us! We try to answer your questions within 24 hours. In general, we can solve any technical problem immediately and we seriously consider every wish. Just contact us ( or use the feedback function of our apps.