fileeeBox – What’s the news?


Carton with fileeeBox print

You are surely waiting for your fileeeBox! We can’t wait for it either! At the moment, we are working hard so that you can soon archive your paper documents without any effort! Here the latest news about the box:

The most important question first: “When can I finally buy the fileeeBox?”

Unfortunately, the first batch of boxes is still in production. Since our suppliers are still waiting for some important electrical components (LEDs & power supply), the final usability tests for the box will be delayed till the end of July. However, we are rather confident that your first fileeeBox will find its place in your living room by the beginning of September!

Current Tasks

Draft for instructions

In the meantime, especially our designers have to work diligently on the accompanying material. In particular, we are focusing on the instructions and the label possibilities. During this process, we test several options, such as the magnets or simple stickers for the markers. These can be labelled individually for each box (for example: “2015”).

Creative chaos

How much will the fileeeBox cost?

We can’t name a final price, yet. Next your pre-registrations, we have also received some bigger orders. We are currently talking with several bulk buyers.

Until the first batch is produced, we are still gathering pre-registrations!

If you haven’t pre-registered yet, you can do this on our fileeeBox website!