fileee’s safety and
data protection principles


If you trust fileee with your sensitive documents, you have to be know that we keep them private and protected. We want you to be aware of how we are handle the security of your private documents and how you can influence this. That’s why we stick to these three principles:

1. You have control over your data!
2. We protect your data!
3. We handle your data responsibly!

1. You have control over your data!

Your documents are private and only visible to you. No member of the fileee team has access to your account or your documents. It is your decision if somebody else can see your documents! It is your choice to share them with us, other persons or companies. You have the power over your private data! That’s why you have as much freedom of choice as you want regarding what we can do with your documents. You are in charge of deciding whether or not we save your data and use it to increase the usability of our app.

Below, we will explain to you what data we are talking about and what we may use it for. Beforehand: If you don’t want us to use your documents, you can disagree at any time!
You can leave fileee at any time without any effort. If you don’t want to use the app anymore, we can delete your account easily. All of your private data will then be irrevocably removed. We will confirm the deletion of your documents afterwards. Of course you can also remove single documents at any time. Once our server backups are deleted after a maximum of 24 hours, there will be no backup copies of your deleted documents.

2. We protect your data!

Security and data privacy is a huge issue for fileee’s developers, since they deal with your private documents. Any document you upload to fileee will be securely stored on our server. In this way, fileee enables you to have access to all of your documents, no matter where you are.

We protect your sensitive user data and the information contained in your documents using a special encryption. Additionally, we are subject to strict data privacy by German law and we use a German data center operator. Further, we have regular check ups on how we can protect your data beyond that. This examination affects our server, our data encryption and possible security provisions to protect our app from external access. We will soon provide more information about fileee’s safety arrangements in a second article, which will deal with our encryption technology.

The most important thing you need to do is to protect your smartphone or tablet with a password or pin-code. This is the only way you can protect your devices from unauthorized access. You can naturally protect the iOS fileeeApp with a passlock-barrier. We want to support your device’s safety. That’s why we are permanently working on further security mechanisms.

3. We handle your data responsibly!

fileee is a service which is and will remain free for most of our users. We earn money by selling several products. This may be a premium or business version of our app or the scan service. We don’t profit from selling or sharing your data! We do however save and use particular parts of your documents. Why, you ask?
We want to improve the communication between you and fileee’s employees. If you have a question, feedback or a problem with the app, you can contact us! In this context, it is helpful to note your contact details and the reason for your e-mail.

In addition, we are always working on our app and website to improve their usability. Statistics about your user behavior and technological information (the device on which you installed fileee, your IP address, the date and time of your request and cookies…) deliver us a lot of important information. Therefore, we use Google Analytics. This data will be anonymous, so that it can’t be linked to you later on. If you want to check which data fileee saves and uses, you can consult our data privacy statement.

We also need some information, such as your name or your e-mail address, to create your fileee account. We use this data on your behalf. When you use our service, you allow fileee to handle your documents. For a limited period of time, you allow us to copy your uploaded documents for backup. This serves your security, as well as ours. When fileee goes live, we will release an update of our general terms and conditions, where you can find more information about this topic.

Important annotations:

This article is no legal document! These safety and data protection principles are meant to give you an impression of how fileee deals with data privacy. If you want to inform yourself about our data security, you can consult fileee’s general terms and conditions or the data privacy statement.