Our new product – the fileeeBox!



According to a Bitkom study from 2013, only every eighth person is going digital – but why? There is no lack of supply or technology to archive your documents digitally. Your smartphone and several scanner apps enable you to scan your documents and to enjoy the advantages of digital document management.

We are convinced that the market has ignored one very important fact: People still need a way to archive their original documents!
fileee offers a solution for this dilemma! We created a tool for archiving your paper documents in addition to our fileee app: the fileeeBox and a scan add-on.

This is how it works:

Scan and file your documents: Use the cover of the fileeeBox as the scan ground. Scan your document with the fileee app and put it in the fileeeBox. Each box is labelled with a barcode which will be recognized during the scan process. This barcode connects your digital copy to the original document in the box. Additionally, fileee identifies its exact position and height in the fileeebox. Thus, the fileee app offers you a detailed overview of your documents in the box.

Seek and find: If you should need an original document, the app shows you exactly where to find it. You use more than one box? The app will always identify the right box in which the document you’re looking for is located. You can also use the fileee app to virtually scroll through your box.

The scan add-on for ideal results: The scan add-on expedites the scan process and maximizes the scan quality. Place your smartphone on top, the fileee app will be triggered and the scan starts automatically. You can switch on LEDs, which generate perfect lighting conditions, while the scan add-on provides an optimal distance to your document.

Status update fileeeBox

First of all: Because of your positive feedback and a huge amount of pre-registrations, we are definitely going to produce the fileeeBox! You can still participate in our Early Access Program, to ensure yourself a box from the first production batch.

It is our primary goal to deliver a perfectly designed product. That’s why we still need some time for the final intricacies. Last week, we ordered a small amount of boxes, which will be used for final tests and adaptations. These predominantly concern the usability of the box and especially the interaction of box and app. Additionally, we expose the box to an intense load test, in order to ensure the durability and the stability of all components (e.g. LEDs, magnets).

If no further problems occur, we expect our final testing period to be finished by June and the first charge to be produced by the end of July.


During the last weeks, we have gotten a lot of questions concerning the fileeeBox. That’s why we listed the most frequently asked questions and answers here. You’re missing some information? Just post your question in the comment section!

    When will the fileeeBox presumably be available?

  • We plan to order the boxes by the end of July.

  • Do I need both, the box and the scan add-on?

  • The fileeeBox can of course be used without the scan add-on, though you have a better scan quality with it.

  • How many documents fit in one box?

  • Every box offers space for about 600 documents. If you use the box for your private needs, this will last for at least one year, if not longer.

  • Do I need to put a document back in its former position in the stack of papers?

  • No. If you take a document out of the fileeeBox, you can indicate that you did so in the fileee app and put it on top of the stack of papers.