Environment & Sustainability: 4th & 5th June


You think, Green Economy is just a trendy term? You think, people who think of environment, are eco-activists? Totally wrong! For fileee sustainability is particular important and we want to make our own contribution.

We are looking forward to June, because there are 2 important days for sustainability: The World Environment Day – proclaimed by the environmental program of the United Nations – celebrates its 40th anniversary on 5th June 2012! Worldwide there are 150 countries, that participate – a huge movement, which shall help each of us, to open our eyes towards environmental awareness-

Even at national level, there has happened a lot: The Council for Sustainable Development, which is based in Berlin, has created the German Day of Sustainability. They present national projects in regard to “Rio+20”, a conference of the United Nations with the topic sustainable development.

fileee cannot be missing there! With our product we want to encourage you, to live paperless as much as possible. Especially for our fans / supporters in Münster we have a special surprise:

On 5th June you can find us from 12 o’clock on at the Aasee, where we will distribute non-polluting cotton bags. The number is limited, so get your own bag quickly! P.S.: If the weather won’t be sunny we will be standing right next to the Aasee, at the Mensa in front of the bikes.

Except of this campaign we can really claim to work in a “Green Office” – which means more to us than having some plants in our office. Being paperless is our goal – we immediately digitize everything we receive in paper form and we even try to omit paper, if possible. As typical people from Münster we all go by bicycle und we try, to give you some good advice regularly, which shall show you how to protect the environment and how to make your everyday-life easier by living paperless.

And now we want to know: What do you do to protect the environment? Is environmental protection important to you or do you think, even waste separation is unnecessary?

** UPDATE **

June 5 is over, and so is the World-Environment-Day. We distributed our cotton-bags from 12:00 – 14:00 and we could have distributed even way more, but our supply was depleted at a certain point. Thanks to everyone who came and wanted one. We also hope that you take the fileee-bags with you everytime you are going out 😉

There is another day to keep in mind in October that cares about sustainability. This is the National No Print Day, that has been established by Toshiba and will take place on Oktober 23 2012. You can read more about the National No Print Day on their official official homepage.

Take the easy step and sign up for the fileee Beta-Phase now! Being paperless has never been so close.

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